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Jeiwon Cho, Ph.D.
Office hour: By appointment
Phone: 958-6955

This course will provide fundamental knowledge about drug actions on the central 
nervous system and consequential drug effects, i.e. drug induced modification of 
nervous system function and behavior.


Exams 100%
A: >=90%, B: >=80, C: >=70, D: >=60 and F: <60

Prerequisite: Neuroanatomy or behavioral neuroscience etc... but not required

No make-up exam whatsoever

Course Schedule

Week 1-2 Introduction of principles of pharmacology
Week 3-4 Several techniques of pharmacology
Week 5-6 Neurophysiological Mechanism of the drug action
Week 7-8 Drug action site and structures

Week 8 Mid-Term Exam

Week 9-10 Acetylcholin, Catecholamine
Week 11-12 Serotonin, Aminoacid neurotransmitters
Week 13-14 Other neurotransmitters, Opiates, Stimulants, Alcohol
Week 15-16 Sedative drugs, Mind altering Drug, etc....

Week 16 Final Exam

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