Sensory Gating In the Thalamus

Several thalamic nuclei such as VPL and VPM are known to relay pain or sensory information to the cortex through the thalamocortical pathway and/or interactions between thalamo-thalamic pathways. Direct delivery of those information to the cortex is made by thalamo-cortical neurons and proper feedbacks from the cortex modulate, either directly or via the reticular nucleus, the type and level of the information flows which are delivered from the spinothalamic pathway to the cortex. Single unit recordings in awake and freely moving mouse would provide more insights about how pain / sensory information are controlled by the thalamocortical - thalamothalamic networks. For this, in the lab, several different types of calcium-related mutant mice are currently being investigated.

Current Project: Thalamic modulation of Pain



Figure 1. Thalamic-DBS stimulation effect on pain.



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